Tom Stewart is Josh Framm's best friend and fellow teammate when he played basketball, football and soccer for the Fernfield Timberwolves.[1][2][3]

Physical appearance

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Tom is a nice and loyal friend to Josh, being one of the first members of the Timberwolves basketball team to warm up to him.[1] Tom is also seen as very quirky, keeping weird lucky items such as an orange peel from a SuperSonics game.[1] Despite his quirks, Tom does have some skill as an athlete, though he struggled a bit as a basketball player, even receiving physical abuse from the coach for it, but gradually improved, with help from the coach's replacement, Arthur Chaney.[1] Tom shows a strong interest in girls and even goes out of his way to impress them,[2] such as wearing Scottish clothing to impress Emma Putter, when the entire soccer team attended her party.[3]


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Air Bud (film)

Tom was at tryouts for basketball as he saw Josh entered the gym. After tryouts, he made the team, but at every practice he was told by Coach Barker that he is supposed to throw the ball to Larry Willingham instead of him trying to shoot and after Larry pushed Josh in his way he is the only one who didn't laugh at him.

Later before the private tryout, Tom spoke up for Josh by asking Coach Barker to let Josh try out. After Josh made the team, Tom gave him an orange peel that he got from Scottie Pippen at the Supersonics game for good luck to which Josh didn't want it, but Tom said it was okay because he had an apple core out of Shawn Kemp's trash can. During the game against the Spokane Warriors, he dropped the ball which Barker didn't respond well to. After the game, he was kept on the court by Coach Barker, who pelted him with basketballs, until Buddy showed Principal Pepper, Josh, and Josh's mom what was happening. Barker was fired and replaced by the school's kind-hearted engineer, Arthur Chaney.

Before the championship game, he told Josh that he heard from Hawkes that Larry moved to Spokane just to play for the Warriors. During the game, he got injured along with Wing, but Buddy came to the game and took his place.

Tom attended the courthouse (along with his teammates, Melissa, and Principal Pepper), where Josh fought Norm Snively for custody of Buddy, and he cheered that Buddy chose Josh.

Air Bud: Golden Receiver

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Air Bud: World Pup

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Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

Tom attended the "Buddy Framm Family Reunion". The next day, he and Josh were to leave on a bus for their new college. His mother gave him a tearful goodbye. As the bus was about to leave Fernfield, Andrea and Buddy managed to stop the bus so that the former could say goodbye to her brother, which she had missed out on at the bus stop because she was too sad. Tom was left pinned against the windshield as the other attendants on the bus watched Josh say his goodbyes to Buddy and Andrea. As everyone made their way back to their seats, Tom claimed he was going to miss Buddy by tearfully saying, "I love that dog." [4]



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