Professor Thomas Howard is a retired archaeologist and grandfather of Pete.


Young Thomas.

Howard was an adventurer and risk taker in his youth, but had mellowed out a bit in his elder years. His goal was to find the Bronze of Bastet, an Ancient Egyptian dial, but after only finding one half, he eventually conceded that he would never find the other half until Dr. Philip Wellington revealed to him that he had the other half, which meant they could use it to unlock the hidden Cat's Eye. He cares deeply for his grandson, Pete, although tends to be more formal and less buddy by referring to him by his full name of "Peter." He shows his love for his old dog, Digger, by keeping his neckerchief and framing photos of him.


Early life

Photos of his late wife and dog.

In his youth, he and Digger went to Egypt to uncover the Bronze of Bastet, but only found one half, while finding the site to be booby-trapped. They almost lost it, but Digger retrieved it for him.

He met a woman, he seemed to have married in Hawaii. They then had a daughter together named Jean. Then at some point, his wife and Digger died, while Jean started a family of her own.



  • The younger Thomas was depicted as an Indiana Jones parody.
  • Young Thomas in the photo is an uncredited double.


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