Striker is a Golden Retriever, and the son of Buddy and Molly.

Physical appearance

Striker has gold fur and wears a purple soccer jersey.


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Skills and abilities

Like his siblings and his father, he is skilled at sports, particularly soccer which is where he gets his name.


Air Bud: World Pup

Striker was one of five puppies born to Molly and Buddy. However, he and his siblings were kidnapped by Snerbert and Webster, who planned to sell the puppies for cash. Buddy, Andrea Framm, her brother, Josh, Emma, and Tammy manage to rescue the puppies and escape, making their way to the Timberwolves soccer championship game.[1]

Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

Striker and his siblings, Zack, Duke, and Shooter, attended a family reunion, where Buddy was able to reunite with his sons and their new new owners.

While Striker sat outside the barber shop run by his owner Mr. Fusilli, he became distracted when noticing Professor Siles' pet raccoon and chases him, only to be shut inside the back of their car and is dognapped. Striker, his father and siblings were eventually rescued by Andrea and Tammy and managed to escape their kidnappers, who wrecked their car into a mudhole while pursuing them. Striker reunited with Mr. Fusilli at the Timberwolves' baseball championship game.[2]



  • Striker and his siblings seemed to have been ignored in favour of the never aging puppies, the Buddies, introduced in Air Buddies.


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