Space Buddies
Space Buddies title card.png
Film # 3
Release date February 3, 2009
Written by Anna McRoberts
Robert Vince
Directed by Robert Vince
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Snow Buddies

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Santa Buddies

Space Buddies is the third direct-to-video film in the Buddies spin-off series to the Air Bud series.


The Buddies go sight seeing on Vision One, a spacecraft heading for the Moon.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:





Field Cate Voice of Buddha
Liliana Mumy Rosebud
Josh Flitter Voice of Budderball
Skylar Gisondo B-Dawg
Henry Hodges Voice of Mudbud
Nolan Gould Sam
Sophia Ludwig Alice Finch
Nico Ghisi Bartleby Livingstone
Gig Morton Billy
Quinn Lord Pete
Jason Earles Voice of Spudnick
Bill Fagerbakke Pi
Pat Finn Bill Wolfson
Lochlyn Munro Slats Bentley
Ali Hills Astro Spalding
Kevin Weisman Dr. Finkel
Taku Kawai Carl
Amy Sedaris Voice of Gravity
Diedrich Bader Yuri
Kendall Cross Sam's mother
Mike Dopud Investor 1
F.T. Anderson Investor 2
Ellen Kennedy Mrs. Andrews
Reese Schoeppe Sasha
Tina Milo Sasha's mother
Wayne Wilderson Tad Thompson
Chris Gauthier Tad Thomperson's cameraman
Rékha Sharma Indian reporter
Jadyn Wong Chinese reporter
Janreett Totosaus Mendoza Mexican reporter
Carolyn Enid Sadowska Queen of the United Kingdom
Mark Downey British reporter
Igor Morozov Russian reporter
Michael Teigen Deputy Dan


  • This is notable for being the the first film without Buddy and his family. Molly and Noah's friend Henry are also gone. Despite that, B-Dawg does mention him.
  • This is the second film where the Buddies have a sidekick as well as it being another dog. The previous one was Snow Buddies and the next films would be Santa Buddies and Super Buddies.
    • This would be the first film where the dog sidekick is an adult. The second one would be from Super Buddies
  • Spudnick is named after the satellites of Sputnik and Sputnik II, the first artificial satellites. He is probably named after Sputnik II, which carried the first dog to space, named Laika.
  • Phil Hanley provides additional comedy material.
  • This would not be the only film that is featured in Space. Super Buddies would become the next one.


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