Santa Buddies
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Film # 4
Release date November 2, 2009
Written by Robert Vince
Anna McRoberts
Directed by Robert Vince
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Santa Buddies, also known as Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws, is the fourth direct-to-video film in the Buddies spin-off series to the Air Bud series. The film also spawned its own spin-off series with The Search for Santa Paws and Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, which act as prequels to younger parts of Santa Paws's life.


When Puppy Paws wishes that there wasn't a Christmas in front of the Christmas Icicle, it starts to crack and causes the North Pole to start to melt. The only thing that will restore it is if Puppy Paws learns the true meaning of Christmas when he travels to Fernfield and meets the Buddies.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:



  • Crystals


  • Stan Cruge's van


B-Dawg Voice of Skyler Gisondo
Field Cate Voice of Buddha
Josh Flitter Voice of Budderball
Liliana Mumy Voice of Rosebud
Ty Panitz Voice of Mudbud
Gig Morton Billy
Ryan Grantham Sam
Quinn Lord Pete
Sophia Ludwig Alice Finch
Nico Ghisi Bartleby Livingstone
Michael Teigen Sheriff Dan
Tim Conway Voice of Deputy Sniffer
George Wendt Santa Claus
Tom Bosley Voice of Santa Paws
Zachary Gordon Voice of Puppy Paws
Chris Coppola Comet
Danny Woodburn Eli
Richard Kind Eddy
Nic Novicki Ellis
Ben Giroux Clark
Paul Rae Hank
Kaitlyn Maher Tiny
Andrew Astor Mikey
Craig Anton Bob
Christopher Lloyd Stan Cruge
William Samples James
Ellie Harvey Jean
Charisse Baker Mural painter
Isabella Montes Mexican girl


  • The events of Snow Buddies are referenced.
  • This is set after the events of The Search for Santa Paws. Though it's unknown whether it's set before, after, or during the events of Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups.


  • Santa Claus was mentioned as a fictional character in Air Bud.
  • This is the least significant appearance of the Buddies' owners.
  • Although their appearances aren't explicit, it can be assumed that Bartleby's parents are seen in the flashback concerning Budderball.
  • Deputy Dan has been promoted to sheriff.
  • On September 14, 2010, Disney Press published this film, along with the first prequel, The Search for Santa Paws, as a two-in-one novel.
  • This is the second Christmas-themed film. Snow Buddies was the first one, though the story was mainly about winning a dog-sled race in Alaska. With that in mind, this is the second and last winter-themed Air Buddies film.


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