Sam is the owner of Buddha, a Golden Retriever puppy and member of the Buddies. Sam has befriended the owners of the other Buddies (as well as kid owners of their parents),[2] due in part to keeping a close relationship with each other despite their separation to individual families across Fernfield.


Sam is the youngest of the owners, who had a tendency to lash out when he failed at baseball,[1] but since adopting Buddha, he has taught Sam to be calmer[1] and to practice in Buddhism.[2]



  • Sam has a bigger role in Space Buddies.
  • He, along with Bartleby, Billy, and Alice, are not in the sixth Buddies feature, Treasure Buddies.
  • In the Air Buddies, he is the age of a preschooler, while in the newer films, he is in the same grade as all of the Buddies' owners.


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