Professor Siles is a scientist of dubious intentions.

Physical appearance

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He doesn't view himself as a bad person for dognapping, as it's for science.


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Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

Professor Siles and his assistant Carlton, research Buddy and his offspring Shooter, Striker, Zack and Duke, planning to extract what they believed was a special gene that the dogs were born with that allowed them to have skills in sports. One by one, Siles managed to capture all of the offspring by having their pet raccoon lure the dogs into chasing him into the back of their vehicle.

When Buddy's owner Andrea Framm came to the baseball field at Fernfield Middle School to search for her father's missing watch, Buddy noticed the raccoon and chased after it, with Siles and Carlton throwing a net over Buddy. Andrea and her friend Tammy noticed the dognappers putting Buddy into the trunk and gave chase. Eventually, the two girls found their hideout and managed to free Buddy and all of the dogs, but were overheard by Siles and Carlton who chased after them. Andrea, Tammy, Buddy, and the puppies managed to evade them as their car crashed into a mudhole full of pigs. The local sheriff, who had been investigating the dognappings at the request of each offspring's owner, showed up and laughed at their misfortune.[1]



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