Pete is the owner of Mudbud, a Golden Retriever puppy and member of the Buddies. Pete has befriended the owners of the other Buddies (as well as kid owners of their parents),[2] due in part to keeping a close relationship with each other despite their separation to individual families across Fernfield.


He was originally an introvert and neat, who played on handheld video games,[1] but adopting Mudbud brought out a more adventurous side who didn't mind if he got dirty.[2]



  • Out of the five owners of the Buddies, Pete is the only character to appear in all seven of them. Despite this, his surname is still unrevealed. He had a main role in Treasure Buddies, the film that didn't include the four other Buddies' owners.
  • Pete's dad, Henry, has the same name of the Buddies' mother's child owner.


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