Vital Statistics
Species Golden Receiver
Gender Male
Fur color Gold
Other Statistics
Affiliation Buddies;
Family Buddy (father);
Molly (mother);
B-Dawg (brother);
Budderball (brother);
Buddha (brother);
Rosebud (sister);
Digger (great-grandfather, deceased)
Production Details
First appearance Air Buddies
Played by Spencer Fox (voice)

Mudbud is a member of the Buddies, offspring of Buddy and Molly. When it came time to leave the Framm home, he was adopted by Pete.

Physical appearance

Mudbud is a golden-furred male puppy, and is usually covered in mud. He wears a handkerchief as a collar, to compliment his adventurous.


His love fur rolling around in the mud, can get him into trouble and put him in the doghouse, so to speak. It is believed that the spirit of Mudbud's great-grandfather lives on in him.[1] His favorite sport is volleyball.

Newborn Buddies

Newborn Buddies.



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