Ms. Pepper is the principal of Fernfield School. By the time Andrea Framm went there, Ms. Pepper had been replaced by Principal Pickle.[1]

Physical appearance

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She is kind and nice, but she is also strict that he saw Joe Barker was abusing Tom Stewart with basketballs. She also supported Josh Framm and Buddy. She is also displeased at Norm's lies about Josh. She even felt sorry for what happened to Josh's father.


Air Bud

She spoke with Mrs. Framm about Josh's father and hobby, with his mom thinking he could play the trombone (to which he was not very good).

She was surprised to see that Buddy made a basket and wanted him to be the mascot of the Fernfield Timberwolves, and was upset that Joe was abusing Tom with basketballs and fired him.

She told Josh that Larry's dad, Buck Willingham, volunteered to be coach. However, Josh suggested to Ms. Pepper that they should hire Arthur Chaney, the school engineer. She was at the next game telling the audience about the halftime show.

She was at the championship game. After the Timberwolves won the championship, She was seen looking at Snivley with soaked papers (along with Arthur Chaney, Josh, Jackie, and the Timberwolves teammates). She went to the courthouse in support of Josh who went into a custody battle against Norm Snively for the ownership of Buddy. She cheered that Buddy chose Josh.[2]




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