Larry Willingham is Josh Framm's rival, and a former member of the Fernfield Timberwolves basketball team.


Larry is shown to be a very arrogant basketball player and frequently bullies Josh due to being the new kid and his then-position as the team's equipment manager.


Larry is a very skilled basketball player and was the former star player of the Timberwolves, but because of his skills, he views himself as a one-man team and is a ball hog.


Air Bud (film)

Larry bullied Josh, referring to him as the "waterboy," due to his position on the team as the manager, and even knocked Josh down while he was holding up a tackling dummy during a lay-up practice. When engineer, Arthur Chaney, took over the team after the former coach, Joe Barker, was caught pelting Tom Stewart with basketballs when he struggled to catch passes during a game, Larry continued to serve as the team's star player, until Chaney benched him during a game for being a ball hog and replaces him with Josh. Larry's father, Buck, left the gym with his son, angered with Chaney's decision.

Larry returned as a rival of the Timberwolves championship game, where Tom Stewart revealed to Josh, that Larry's dad moved the family to Spokane to play on the opposing Warriors team where Larry (or more specifically his dad) wouldn't be stopped from being the star player. Larry and the Warriors were able to take on an early lead, until Buddy returned and helped the Timberwolves catch up. Larry purposely fouled Buddy, who managed to make both free throw shots anyways, and also got Larry back by headbutting him in the groin, stealing the ball from him. The Timberwolves won the championship, with Larry finally congratulating Josh for his game-winning shot, referring to him as "waterboy," but in good nature this time.[1]



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