Cranfield is a court judge in Fernfield.

Physical appearance

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He is strict and ill-tempered, although when he saw Arthur Chaney in person, he was excited to see him. He seems to dislike clowns such as Norm Snively.


Air Bud

Norm Snively attempted to sue the Framm family for custody of Buddy, despite that his ownership papers were ruined when he crashed into the lake.

Upon seeing Buddy, Judge Cranfield was disgusted and initially reluctant to judge a case over a dog, but agreed only under a strict condition that the case be executed seriously. During the trial, Josh protests against letting Snively have Buddy, mentioning the abuse that Buddy has suffered under him, including chaining Buddy to his fence. Jackie also protests, mentioning that Buddy was much happier with their family, and that she too has seen how abusive Snively is.

After hearing a number of people protest against Snively, Cranfield did not believe that either one had any real evidence in claiming ownership to Buddy. Soon, Arthur Chaney arrived and suggested that Buddy chooses his owner. As a fan of Chaney, Cranfield accepted his proposal and moved the court outside to the front lawn for Buddy to choose. After Buddy ripped up the rolled-up newspaper that Snively had always abused him with, he choose Josh. When Snively angrily attempted to get Buddy back by force, police officers quickly took him away and arrested him, while Josh and the rest of the citizens rejoiced and gathered around Buddy to welcome him to his new home.



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