Crenshaw is the coach Fernfield Junior High School's Ferfield Timberwolves baseball team.


Coach Crenshaw first met Andrea and Tammy when they are sitting on the steps after they got burnt in Home Economics. Tammy is a natural at baseball, but Andrea struggles at catching and hitting, running the risk of being cut altogether until Tammy, without Andrea's knowledge, convinces Coach Crenshaw that her and Andrea are best friends and if Andrea is cut, she won't play either. When Andrea is benched for most of the season, Tammy leads the team and then becomes the catcher for most of the season until Randy accidentally hits her in the right elbow with a wild ball causing an injury, leaving her unable to play and Andrea replaces her.

When Andrea struggled on the team, she overheard Tammy confessing to Randy the deal she made with Crenshaw when Randy wondered why Andrea was on the team even though she stinks.


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