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Buddy, also known as Air Bud,[2] is a talented Golden Retriever owned by the Framms. He acted both as a full-fledged player and mascot of virtually all existing Timberwolves sports teams in Fernfield.

Physical appearance

Buddy is a fully grown male Golden Retriever, with gold fur.


Although he initially had a reluctant personality due to his abusive former owner Norm Snively,[2] he is shown to be a very friendly and fun-loving dog once he warms up to Josh Framm and becomes a fan favorite of Fernfield once his prowess as an athlete in various sports (such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball and volleyball) come to light.

Skills and abilities

Buddy is talented at many sports such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball and even volleyball. This is also a trait that his puppies Zack, Striker, Shooter and Duke seem to inherit as they are seen playing the same sports that their father once did at the Framm family reunion.[5] Buddy's athletic abilities have helped lead the Timberwolves to championship victories in different sporting events and his abilities make him an intimidating opponent for rival teams. 


Air Bud (film)

Buddy was the sidekick of Norm in a clown act. While at a particular child's birthday party, Buddy accidentally hits Snively in the face with a ball, while Snively formed a hoop with his arms, causing trouble at the party when Snively chased Buddy around the house, causing the mother to throw the two out. Snively threw Buddy into a kennel and planned to take him to the pound, but the bumpy roads cause the kennel to fall out of the truck. Jackie Framm almost hit the kennel, thinking that it was empty, but her son Josh noticed Buddy emerging from the kennel.

While playing basketball at an old court located at a nearby condemned church, Josh finds Buddy hiding out in some bushes and gradually gains Buddy's trust by offering him cups of vanilla pudding every day he goes to the court and discovers that the dog has a talent for basketball. Jackie discovers that Josh has been keeping Buddy at their new home when he runs out to catch a basketball that fell down the stairs and agrees to let Josh keep Buddy until Christmas. During Josh's first game with the Timberwolves, Buddy runs into the game and scores a shot, gradually gaining popularity and become a full-fledged member when Arthur Chaney took over the team. Josh and Buddy helped bring the Timberwolves on a winning streak and Buddy eventually wins over Jackie, who gave Buddy to Josh as a Christmas present. Buddy's popularity on the team made him the center of a news report, one that Snively saw while eating dinner at his trailer and he went to the Framm household, tricking Jackie into giving "Old Blue" back. Buddy was rescued by Josh from Snively's house, who noticed them and gave chase, but crashed his truck into a lake. Josh reluctantly parts ways with Buddy, fearing that Snively would not stop pursuing them as long as Buddy was Josh's pet. When the Timberwolves struggle in the championship game, Buddy showed back up and led them to a come from behind victory against their rivals. Snively once again showed up to the game and sued the Framms for custody over Buddy.

At the courthouse, Buddy and Josh's teammates, as well as members of the community, show up in support of Buddy and the Framms. Coach Arthur Chaney showed up and convinced Judge Cranfield (who was a fan of Chaney from his days as a New York Knicks player) that because Buddy was legally an adult in dog years, he should choose who he wanted to be his rightful owner. Cranfield had Josh and Snively stood across from each other and call Buddy to their side. Snively called Buddy, quickly getting fustrated, pulling out a rolled-up newspaper and swatting it against his hand, a weapon that he would abuse Buddy with. Buddy walked over to him and teared up the newspaper before running back to Josh, the Framms winning the custody case.[2]

Air Bud: Golden Receiver

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Air Bud: World Pup

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Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

Buddy attended his family reunion, where he and the Framms met Buddy's now fully grown offspring (Zack, Striker, Shooter and Duke) and their new owners. The next day, Andrea didn't go to the bus stop to say goodbye to Josh out of sadness of him leaving for college. Buddy persuaded her into changing her mind and helped her stop Josh's bus so that he could give Buddy and Andrea a proper goodbye.

Buddy took notice that his sons were being kidnapped when he saw a missing poster, with Shooter's photo on it. After Andrea was upset when learning that she only made the team because Tammy told Coach Crenshaw she wouldn't play unless Andrea made the cut, Buddy helped Andrea practice to help improve her hitting, throwing and catching, where Buddy revealed to be a skilled hitter and catcher at baseball, also. Buddy joined the Timberwolves as a first baseman, where he and Andrea helped the team continue their winning streak while Tammy was on the injured list.

While Tammy and Andrea argued when Andrea went to the baseball field to find her father's watch given to her by Josh, Buddy was abducted by Professor Siles and Carlton, while chasing their pet raccoon. Tammy and Andrea gave chase and eventually found their hideout, helping to free Buddy and his puppies as they run from Siles and Carlton, who ended up crashing their vehicle into a mudhole. Andrea, Tammy, and Buddy showed up during the championship game, where they helped the Timberwolves win in a come from behind victory. Buddy's talents soon led him to play first base at an Anaheim Angels game as the Framms watch in the stands.[5]

Air Bud: Spikes Back

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Air Buddies

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Snow Buddies

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Space Buddies

He was mentioned by B-Dawg when he said that, "Dad always said I should be more down to earth. Why didn't I listen?"



  • In the first film, Buddy was played by the real Air Buddy, who passed away by the time production started on the Air Bud: Golden Receiver.
  • The events of Word Pup are ignored, giving way to a soft reboot for the Buddies spin-off series.
  • It's unclear if Digger in Treasure Buddies is supposed to be Buddy or Molly's grandfather.


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