Buck Willingham is the father of Larry Willingham.

Physical appearance

Buck is a middle-aged Caucasian male.


Buck is very strict and got very angry when Arthur Chaney benched his son Larry.


Air Bud

Buck was telling the audience to see how Larry made the basket, and he was surprised to see that Buddy made a basket.

The new coach, Chaney, didn't allow Larry to showboat like Joe Barker did, and soon benched him, which made Buck upset. He wanted to know why Chaney was doing this, who told him that his son was playing like a one-man team, with Buck replying that he was the team. Not being able to take criticism, he told Larry that they were leaving and forced him to leave the Timberwolves team and moved the entire family to Spokane just so Larry could play on the Warriors' basketball team.


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