This article is about B-Dawg's owner. For other uses, see Billy (disambiguation).
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Other Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation B-Dawg;
Bartleby Livingstone;
Noah Sullivan;
Sheriff Dan
Family Janice (mother)
Production Details
First appearance Air Buddies
Played by Gig Morton[1][2][3][4]
Skylar Gisondo[5]
Sam Adler[6]

Billy is the owner of B-Dawg, a Golden Retriever puppy and member of the Buddies. Pete has befriended the owners of the other Buddies (as well as kid owners of their parents),[2] due in part to keeping a close relationship with each other despite their separation to individual families across Fernfield.


Billy originally lacked any confidence,[1] but since adopting B-Dawg, he has absorbed his penchant for street-slang usage and hip-hop interests.[2]



  • Gig Morton played Billy in four of the seven Buddies films, making him the actor with the record for playing one of the Buddies' owners the longest, from 2006-2009. For Spooky Buddies in 2011, Skyler Gisondo, then current voice of B-Dawg, temporarily took over the role, making him the only actor to have played both the on-screen owner and voice of the puppy in the same film.
  • Billy has a bigger role in Spooky Buddies.
  • He, along with Bartleby, Sam, and Alice, are not in the sixth Buddies feature, Treasure Buddies.


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