Bartleby Livingstone is the owner of the Golden Retriever puppy and Buddies member Budderball. He is the heir to the Livingstone fortune.


Bartleby had wanted a dog that had the ability to play basketball, football, and soccer rather than a tiger for his birthday. His father's ally, Serlik tells Bartleby that he would give him Buddy as his pet. Bartleby is excited and waits for his present, not knowing that Serlik's henchmen were going to kidnap Buddy and his mate, Molly. A day later, Bartleby enters the wine country mill with his father and meets the Buddies who tricked Serlik. Bartleby is adored by the puppies and his father allows him to keep them. He brings them all to the limousine, but the Buddies escape to take down Serlik and Mr. Livingstone in the mills of Wine Country. Buddy, Molly, and the Buddies celebrate their reunity, but Bartleby claims that he has been lonely and wants someone to play with. Budderball has a change of heart and joins Bartleby's side, which would start their relationship as best friends.



  • He, along with Alice, Sam, and Billy, are not in the sixth Buddies feature, Treasure Buddies. Aside from being missing in one film, the film he also has the least to do in is Santa Buddies.


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