Vital Statistics
Species Golden Receiver
Gender Male
Fur color Gold
Other Statistics
Affiliation Buddies;
Adam Bilson
Family Buddy (father);
Molly (mother);
Budderball (brother);
Mudbud (brother);
Buddha (brother);
Rosebud (sister);
Digger (great-grandfather, deceased)
Production Details
First appearance Air Buddies
Played by Skylar Gisondo (voice)
Cooper Roth (voice)[1]

B-Dawg is the unofficial leader of the Buddies, offspring of Buddy and Molly. The first letter is a reference to Buddy, while the "Dawg" is a reference to the slang term for a friend or man or boy. When it was time to leave the Framm home, he was adopted by Billy.

Physical appearance

B-Dawg is a golden-furred puppy, who wears a platinum chain, with a sparkling (or "bling") "B" pendant hanging from it.


His vocabulary is full of street slang, and tries to act overly cool and brave. But in reality, he acts just as afraid as anyone else does. When his sister, Rosebud, noticed this, she told him it was okay to be afraid, as he was actually being brave by admitting it. His favorite sport is basketball.

Newborn Buddies

Newborn Buddies.




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