Alice Finch[1] is the owner of Rosebud, a Golden Retriever puppy and member of the Buddies. Alice has befriended the owners of the other Buddies (as well as kid owners of their parents),[2] due in part to keeping a close relationship with each other despite their separation to individual families across Fernfield.


Alice has a sister-like relationship with Rosebud,[1] who gives her more confidence in choosing what to wear.[1][2]



  • Out of the five owners of the Buddies, Alice is the only kid, besides Bartleby Livingstone, to have her surname revealed.
  • She, along with Bartleby, Sam, and Billy, are not in the sixth Buddies feature, Treasure Buddies.
  • Alice is the only one of the five kids not to have any kind of prominent role due to Rosebud not having the same, as each kid has been given the spotlight in some shape or form because of their dogs having the same.
  • Alice is the only girl in the group analogous to Rosebud in her group.


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