Air Buddies
Air Buddies title card
Film # 1
Release date December 12, 2006
Written by Anna McRoberts
Robert Vince
Phil Hanley
Directed by Robert Vince
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Air Buddies is the first direct-to-video film in the Buddies spin-off series to the Air Bud series. Unlike the rest of the sequels to follow, this does not have a special theme. Also, unlike the previous series, the animals can talk to each other.


The Buddies, puppies of Buddy and Molly, have finally outgrown living with the Sullivans. As they prepare to move in with their new families, they are dognapped.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:




  • Denning's Hummer
  • Sheriff Bob's police car


Skyler Gisondo Voice of B-Dawg
Josh Flitter Voice of Budderball
Spencer Fox Voice of Mudbud
Dominic Scott Kay Voice of Buddha
Abigail Breslin Voice of Rosebud
Don Knotts Voice of Deputy Sniffer
Tom Everett Scott Voice of Buddy
Molly Shannon Voice of Molly
Slade Pearce Noah Sullivan
Cynthia Stevenson Jackie Framm
Richard Karn Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Cranshaw Sheriff Bob
Jane Carr Mrs. Niggles
Christian Pikes Henry
Karen Holness Wilma
Dan Joffre Bob
Holmes Osborne Selkirk Tander
Steve Makaj Miles Livingstone
Tyler Guerrero Bartleby Livingstone
Trevor Wright Grim
Paul Rae Denning
Cainan Wiebe Pete
Jarvis Dashkewytch Sam
Gig Morton Billy
Kelly Chapek Alice Finch
Wallace Shawn Voice of Billy, the goat
Debra Jo Rupp Voice Belinda, the pig
Michael Clarke Duncan Voice of the wolf
Ingrid Tesch Mrs. Finch




  • The beginning of this series serves as a soft reboot.
  • Grim doesn't end the call properly after calling his mother, he just flips it back down.

Home media

  • USA: Air Buddies DVD released on December 12, 2006.
  • AUS: Air Buddies Blu-ray Disc released on March 4, 2009.

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