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Air Bud (film)
Air Bud title card.png
Air Bud
Film # 1
Release date August 1, 1997
Run time 1h 37m 49s
Starring Kevin Zegers
Michael Jeter
Wendy Makkena
Bill Cobbs
Written by Paul Tamasay
Aaron Mendelsohn
Directed by Charles Martin Smith
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Air Bud: Golden Receiver

Air Bud is a 1997 American family comedy film released by Walt Disney Pictures.

It proved to be a success, and was followed by Air Bud: Golden Receiver, the first in a long line of sequels and spin-offs.


A lonely boy befriends an abused and abandoned dog by playing basketball together. After growing a strong bond and turning Buddy into a celebrity, he has to fight for custody when his original owner decides to return and make a profit out of Buddy.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:





Buddy Buddy
Kevin Zegers Josh Framm
Michael Jeter Norm Snively
Wendy Makkena Jackie Framm
Bill Cobbs Arthur Chaney
Eric Christmas Judge Cranfield
Jay Brazeau Referee 1
Nicola Cravendish Ms. Pepper
Brendan Fletcher Larry Willingham
Norman Browning Buck Willingham
Stephen E. Miller Coach Joe Barker
Shayn Solberg Tom Stewart
Chris Turner Greg
Christine Kennedy Melissa
Frank C. Turner Bailiff
Marian Dodd Reporter
Ursula Martin Mom at party
Kevin DiCicco Referee 2
Jessebel and Kati Mather Andrea Framm


Main article: Air Bud: Music from the Motion Picture
Song Credits Performed by
"Clair" Written by Gilbert O'Sullivan Gilbert O'Sullivan
"Splish Splash" Written by Bobby Darin & Jean Murray
Produced by Jimmy Z
Jimmy Z
"O Holy Night" N/A St. John's Episcopal Choir
Donald Pearson, conductor
(Courtesy of Delos International
By arrangement with Source/Q)


  • This is the only film to get a proper soundtrack.
  • Santa Claus does, in fact, exist as Santa Buddies will reveal.
  • Kevin Di Cicco who played a basketball referee was Buddy's real owner.
  • Rush and Chase who were stand-ins for Buddy, play him in Air Bud: Golden Receiver, as Buddy had passed away between films.
  • Second unit director, Richard Martin, takes on directing duties for Golden Receiver.

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