Air Bud: World Pup
World Pup title card.png
Air Bud
Film # 3
Release date December 12, 2000
Written by Mark Whiting
Robert Vince
Anne Vince
Directed by Bill Bannerman
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Air Bud: World Pup is the third film and the second sequel in the Air Bud series, as well as the first film to be released straight-to-video.


It's love at first sight for Buddy and Josh, as they meet the new soccer player in town and her Golden Retriever. Soon, Buddy and Josh join the school's soccer team, but they may be distracted by unexpected deliveries and dognappers.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:




  • Webster's van (single appearance)


Kevin Zegers Josh Framm
Caitlin Wachs Andrea Framm
Chilton Crane Jackie Framm
Dale Midkiff Patrick Sullivan
Shayn Solberg Tom Stewart
Chantal Strand Tammy
David Glyn-Jones Minister
Brodie Biles Timmy Sanderson
Martin Ferrero Snerbert
Don McMillan Webster
Brittany Paige Bouck Emma Putter
Duncan Regehr Geoffrey Putter
Patricia Idlette Mrs. Brimstone
Julie Patzwald Kate
Shane Vajda Moose
Miguel Sandoval Coach Montoya
Levi James Sam Drake
Chris Wilding Mike
Jay Brazeau Referee #1
Frank C. Turner Referee #2
Tom Shorthouse Old man
Fred Keating Coach Jack Sterns
Mark Pawson Assistant coach
Jeremy Guilbaut Steve Sterns
Eric Hui Springbrook Spartans player
Nick Misura Janitor
Emma Molly
Scott Watson Announcer Brad
Kelly Herron Announcer Ted
Dave Cameron World Cup announcer #1
Paul Carson World Cup announcer #2
Briana Scurry Herself
Brandi Chastain Herself
Tisha Venturini Herself


Song Credits Performed by
"That's What Love is All About" Music & lyrics by Brian 'Hoot' Gibson Steve Maddock
"Emma's Song" Music by Brahm Wenger
Lyrics by Brahm Wenger & Nicholas Wenger
Julie Thiel
"This Better Get Better" Music by Howie Vickers & Brian 'Hoot' Gibson
Lyrics by Howie Vickers
David Steele
"Lucky Stars" Music by Brian 'Hoot' Gibson
Lyrics by Howie Vickers
Beverly Staunton
"C'Mon On and Get My Love" Music & lyrics by J. Dexter & J. Brooks Banned In The UK
"Always You" Music & lyrics by Brian 'Hoot' Gibson Josh Ramsay
"It Feels Like Magic" Music & lyrics by Brian 'Hoot' Gibson Gordon Maxwell



Title card from Air Bud Entertainment's non-Disney version.

  • Of the first five films in the Air Bud series, this is the only one where Buddy is not dognapped by the villains, and instead helps Josh, Emma, Tammy and Andrea rescue his offspring. 
  • All the celebrity players at the end have since retired. Briana Scurry retired due to a head injury.


  • Despite not much time passing since the previous film, Andrea has aged a few years into preadolescence.
  • This is Molly only appearance in the original series. It seems that she and Buddy don't have any contact with each other after this film, possibly because her family moved away, as the Putters aren't seen or mentioned again, either. Four of the puppies only have one more appearance, themselves, in the next film, only to be dropped in Spikes Back, the fifth and final film in the original series. Molly does appear again in Air Buddies, although she's owned by a new family, living across the way from the Framms-Sullivans, and the former puppies are seemingly ignored, in favour of Buddy and Molly's new litter of puppies, called the Buddies, who are in a state of perpetual youth, so that their adventures can be everlasting.
  • It's unknown if the grandmother Josh talks to on the phone is the same one in Spikes Back.

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