Air Bud: Spikes Back
Spikes Back title card.png
Air Bud
Film # 5
Release date June 24, 2003
Story by Robert Vince
Screenplay by Anne Vince
Anna McRoberts
Directed by Mike Southon
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Air Bud: Spikes Back is the fifth and final film in the Air Bud series, as well as the fourth sequel, and the third film to be released straight-to-video.


When Andrea's best friend, Tammy, moves to California, she joins her new neighbor's volleyball team in order to win a tournament as the reward is a trip all the way to California. Meanwhile, two small-time crooks posing as plumbers plan to kidnap Buddy and use his skills to steal a valuable diamond from a local museum.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Doug (single appearance)
  • Gordon (single appearance)

Other characters:




  • Doug and Phil's van


Katija Pevec Andrea Framm
Jake Smith Noah Sullivan
Chantal Strand Tammy
Cynthia Stevenson Jackie Framm
Alfred E. Humphreys Patrick Sullivan
Ellen Kennedy Tammy's mother
Nancy Robertson Principal Pickle
Patrick Cranshaw Sheriff Bob
J.W. Carroll Norbert Tilly
Xantha Radley Donna
Edie McClurg Gram Gram
Brian Dobson Voice of Polly
Robert Tinkler Doug
Malcolm Scott Gordon
C. Ernst Harth Phil
Kathryn Kirkpatrick Mrs. Miller
John Wardlow Mr. Dickson
Tyler Zanon Scooter kid
Doug Funk Mailman Phil
Tyler Boissonnault Connor
Christopher Bishop Justin
Bailey Kitzmann Billy
Nicholas Harrison Coach McKay
Michael Teigen Referee
Gabrielle Reece Herself


Song Credits Performed by
"We Share It All" Music & Lyrics by Brahm Wenger & John M. Rosenberg Brooke Ramel
"Together" Music & Lyrics by Brahm Wenger & John M. Rosenberg Julie Thiel
"Show Me" Music & Lyrics by Brahm Wenger & John M. Rosenberg Brooke Ramel
"Down to LA" Music & Lyrics by Brahm Wenger & John M. Rosenberg John M. Rosenberg & Alan Green


Title card from Air Bud Entertainment's non-Disney version.


  • Without having Josh as a physical presence, continuity seems to be a little weaker, as if it's a soft reboot.
    • Noah's surname is "Framm", when it should be "Sullivan".
    • Andrea calls Patrick, "Dad", when he is actually her step-dad; she was old enough to know he wasn't her real father. She could also feel as though he's the only male presence she remembers.
  • When Tammy shows Andrea the box of mementos from their friendship, Andrea's game-winning ball from Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch is inside of the box, and Tammy mentions how Andrea and her spent hours looking for it after the Timberwolves won the championship. However, Randy was seen giving Andrea the same ball after the win.
  • Billy, as she is credited, is also spelled as "Billie" in the Fernfield Gazette.

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